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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 3, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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good morning and a top stories we are following this tuesday december 3rd party and dance expected to file a lawsuit today. we will talk about how they can affect your daily commute in a live report
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>>mark: and here in the news room following the latest of a search of a missing family and san jose. any plane that went down and idaho. we'll have details on that. >>james: and cold temperatures and found which will be the main headline for the next few days. >>erica: change in the temperatures coming up by later tonight. still of the lamb with us, light rain. the rest of us are drying with mild temperatures and to the cloud cover and windy conditions. when a bit surprised if we pick up some of its upper 20s for the east bay valets and for those of you and the north bay mountains. to a talk
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about how long this for is what is expected to last coming up in my 615 report. >>: we went from about 60 to 0% already seen a backup will be on the 880 overpass. the reason for that of the metering lights are on an cycling very slowly. san mateo bridge moving pretty well go pretty westbound those your tail lights moving towards the peninsula. in great shape. >>darya: rights to major unions could file a lawsuit today bart and it's a made that mistake and a contract that would have cost it millions of dollars so they decided to nixon that part.
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kron4's will tran is live at the west oakland bart station with more on the details. commuters don't think any of this is fair. >>will: they all think this is fair when you tell them what's going on have to tell you about nine widthwise agree with the bart unions saying that you agree to it. you hired a professional negotiator at $400,000 to sit in on a negotiation. why is there an error in the first place. $40 million of a lifetime of the contract is how much it could cost bart management for this mistake. as it's written bart workers are allowed six weeks of family medical leave. right now, they don't get that. emt as vacation sick or on paydays to get those six weeks. and since the birth of a new child. but right now it's in there and it's approved, they get it and that's why it's very costly to bart for which is why right in front of the
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bart workers. the agreed to put new contract but they say they will strip the new provision. bart unions are not happy about that and said this violates the whole collective bargaining process. they only had a cooling-off period to strikes and numerous around- the-clock negotiations. still no deal and place. it's not ratified yet which is why the bart unions are talking not to bart agency the two lawyers to possibly file a lawsuit as early as today. we had a chance to talk with our riders. they are telling me not again. >>: that's pretty bad. also bad for us as well. >>will: how would it be bad for you if there is a third strike. >>: especially just with trying to get to work.
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that's the only bad thing. traffic is ridiculous and the morning. >>will: so after all of that, all of the trauma that we reported over the summer, no guilt. are says everything is on the table- just bring unions rather. they say everything is on the table and clothing and other strike. >>darya: thanks a lot will. in >>james: some positive news on the bart front. late night delays and the trans bay to the three days a week are coming to an end as part engineers have completed earthquake retrofit work there ahead of schedule. march began the work in march estimated that it would take 14 months and since then, bart trains have been the late 10 to 15 minutes. the work involved adding 4 t steel plates to the inside of the tube to strengthen its in case of an earthquake. crews hauled the plates into the tube each night and both of them to decide and have now finished welding them together into ind. the work ended up taking only eight months. so way ahead of
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schedule. >>mark: here in the kron4 news room. another developing story we are following this morning. the search will resume shortly today for a single engine plane registered to a san jose man that went missing and idaho. officials said five people were aboard the plane registered to deal smith went greater lost track of it--dale smith. the plan was going from baker, or again to--oregon to butte, montana when the pilot reported an engine failure near the yellow pine air strip and central idaho. friends of smith say he took office a week ago to spend time with family and friends for the thanksgiving holiday. authorities have not identified who was on board. the search and the central idaho back country has been complicated by heavy snow fell low visibility. about two dozen
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search and rescue personnel were coming and mountain ranch--ridge near the small town of yellow pine for the single-engine beechcraft bonanza. >>darya: the west contra costa unified school district is taking a stand against bullying and sexual harassment. after meeting last night, it was decided board members will give professional training and development. celesta this report incidents to the administration, there will be methods put in place to help victims. gutierrez suspended after that fight. the school board says that overall bullying and suspension cases are down but outbursts like these prove more still needs to be done. >>: a friend of paul walker
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talks about the moments that led up to the fatal car crash. [ wind howling ]
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candlelight vigil was held at the intersection of oakland and find-oak and vine last night to remember three-year-old elijah alvitre. a week ago monday, the boy was hit and killed by a truck driver while he was being pushed on a stroll on the way to a park. residents said the accident was no surprise to them. that it's been a dangerous intersection for a long time. >>: >>james: neighbors say one way to slow down traffic in the area is to turn vine street from a one way back into a two-way street. >>dary this morning, when it comes to the basics in school u.s. students are far behind the rest of the world. a global exam given to 15 year-old worldwide shows, the u.s. is lagging
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and the latest on the accident and death of fast and furious star paul walker. los angeles county sheriff's office says there is no evidence of a second vehicle linked to the accident that killed the actor over the weekend. here's surveillance video of saturday's crash, courtesy of zero m a g insider. authority's say walker and driver roger rodas, were killed immediately and the fiery crash. jim torp, a friend of walker was among the witnesses and describes what happened leading up to the crash. the sad thing is they went out for a drive.
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there were winding down and it was only supposed to be for a couple of minutes and the tragic thing is there was so much speculation about drag racing. doing donuts and drifting around the corner. that never happened. because when they passed me, there were no cars pass behind from the side of them. there were by themselves. the investigation is continuing. investigators believe speed when factor in the crash. >>james: at 615 up let's take a look weather with erica. >>erica: taking a look at storm tracker 4 we did that of some showers over the past hour. looks like we have some light rain closer to downtown san jose. when to have actually died down after filled and vallejo but they have increased in oakland where we are seeing a wind advisory across the bay bridge. 16 mi. per hour
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winds in hayward and 18 leaving the house in san jose. it is breezy to wendy. although the land will calm down we will see temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. in fact no 60s to report. san francisco at 5650 pager high and oakland. pleasanton-53 under partly cloudy skies but we do have a cold blast of air heading our way. right now, even though livermore is in the mid-50s, tomorrow kobe surprised if you wake up to readings in the '20s. oakland-54. expect a morning low of 40 by tomorrow and now but we're talking a 23 degree of difference. there's no surprise that we have a freeze watch going into affect later on tonight. this will impact most of the bay area san francisco the only exception. it looks like temperatures there will stay in the forties but the rest of us will be in jeopardy. of dropping below the
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freezing mark which will continue through thursday morning. and 20 to 30 percent chance of showers as we head into the weekend and looks like we will hold on to hold. 618 at the that what your forecast. here's a look at forecast. -traffic forecast. of >>: all lanes and the rain might have been on and it are not cycling quickly. this is westbound for you. it also equally clear. golden gate bridge looking great in both directions. 101 a no problem whatsoever getting across the span. the
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drive time now approaching 30 minutes so long delays. >>darya: to a developing story the audio recordings of the 911 calls for made the day the sandy hook elementary massacre will be released tomorrow. this comes after a state attorney dropped his attempt to block the disclosure. last week, a connecticut superior court judge upheld the connecticut freedom of
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information commission ruling to release calls related to the december 2012 shooting. the associated press had challenged authority's refusal to release the 911 tapes. the calls are scheduled to be made public at 11:00 a.m. our time. >>mark: today president obama will start a new push for the health care go website. in any event at the white house he will highlight people he says have been helped by his health care reform law and website. website. in an event. the president also is expected to said the republicans want to strip away benefits without offering an alternative. the government saying most of the glitches on the health website have now been fixed.
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and now that the health website is supposed to be running smoother, consumers are reporting mixed success as they try and lock on to the updated health-care exchange. brokers and online and sisters in utah say three of every four people want to sign up for coverage of the federal government on one exchange are succeeding within an hour of walking in. navigators and wisconsin, illinois, alabama and north dakota reported a vast improvement. the website is serving as a health-care exchange for 36 states which did not refuse to set up their own website. california has its own unchanged at has also had some problems. our state exchange has >>james: a man was killed in a shark attack while fishing from a kayak and hawaii. it happened monday off the island of maui. apparently,
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now for the kron4 tech report with gate slate. >>: good morning i'm inside kato bakery and san francisco by union square. they have several shops around the bay area. they're doing something really cool. they're implementing new technology to connect with
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customers in an entirely new way. there mobile app will greet people with an alert on their phone as they walk in the store. and then immediately the app recommends treats they may like based on their past purchases and offers discounts or special deals customized to the user. markets with index the company who developed a system that kato is testing out. >>: we integrate index right into here. we also integrate into the cato app that we developed which they lost and is available. with that integration and the app the consumer can come and, we greet them with a local message. the campbells personalized recommendations and then they just enter their password rides on a point of sale. it's like we lock them into the physical store. the fun part of shopping is all about discovery we want to bring that back to the shopping experience. they were first known for cupcakes but now they have done up muffins' ice cream
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cakes for the summoning great products. we really recognize the customer for what they've done in the past. we reward them every time they come back and the store. >>: the owner is thrilled to connect with customers and a new way. we offer our customers the personalized experience. something we think they will like based on what they've had in the past. the mobile app will be alive next week. they say when the mount launches the first thousand people who download the free apple get a free cup cake. gabe slate kron4 knows.
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>>darya: beyoncé has knocked kim kardashian from the top spot on bing's 2013 list of most searched people of the year. the list is compiled from queries on the search engine. here's a look at the top five. kim came and second this year, followed by sanders--singers rihanna, taylor swift and madonna. justin bieber and president obama were the only two men to make the top-10 list.
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>>james: up next on the kron4 morning news, the search is on for five people missing after their plane took off from the south bay to the midwest. plus, opening bell on wall street coming up.
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december. the dow of over 70 points now futures down to the 72. there's daiquiris bringing man on the nasdaq. backers for brands like of that and have a. --ugg and tebba. looks like another big drop. we could see the dow down a quick 70 points in early trading. we will be following the numbers. >>darya: 630 is the time. it's actually a good day for your uggs. hey erica. >>erica: yes except you should wear them in the rain. 44 carly and pleasanton's. these temperatures are nothing compared to what we will see
6:31 am
tomorrow. we are expecting a 20 degree drop in some spots so don't be surprised if tomorrow you head out in mid to upper 20s. we do have a cooling trend on the light. cooler air has really settled into the bay area. if three swatches in effect until thursday morning. very chilly, frosty and freezing mornings with very cold after nose. chance for rain as we head into the weekend. i break down that portion of your forecast coming up at 645. haight and. >>: metering lights are on separate also a high wind advisory on the stand and also for the cortines bridge. so very tough ride on westbound 80 this morning. san mateo bridge a completely different story. golden gate bridge we are and in good shape for both northbound and southbound
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101. >>darya: thanks a lot of dan operate as 6313 and are big commute story. march 2nd largest unions are planning to file a lawsuit against the agency. they believe bart management illegally stripped of the family leave medical act clause from the contract. this is just the latest in a series of troubles regarding arts new labor contract. >>james: this morning, authorities in idaho will continue to search for five people missing after their plane crashed that judge their plane went missing over the weekend. kron4's jackie sizzle is live at the reid-hillview airport and san jose. >>: it is registered of a regional airport altair and the santa clara county thrift it took off from organic 3 here's a video bridge it was supposed to be going from oregon to off butte montana but some point during the flights, the
6:33 am
pilot called anna saying he was having engine problems somewhere over idaho. in fact he said he was going to attempt to make a landing at yellow pine air strip. that was the last contact they had with the pilots or the plane. they did search yesterday but because of bad weather and heavy snow and area, they have to halt the search in that area yesterday. they are attempting to back up the plan is a registered to dale smith. he is the president of a technology firm here and the silicon valley. reportedly there were for family members on board of that plane. if no idea who their family members were but obviously a lot of tense moments here at the reid hillview airports.
6:34 am
obviously, a lot of nervous moments. the hope is that plane is safe somewhere in that yellow pine area of idaho and that search will resume at daybreak of there. >>james: we will keep our fingers crossed. hopefully they are just waiting for rescue somewhere. >>darya: police have arrested a suspect in connection to the shooting and killing of a man over a place station 4 gaming council. this is video of the victim ekenna uwaka. 21 year-old ronnie, of san francisco was arrested on suspicion of murder and attempted robbery. the shooting occurred sunday afternoon and the city's bayview district. uwakah went with his girlfriend to meet the buyer after arranging the sale online.
6:35 am
police said uwakah was shot at him before he got out of his car. he was then driven to a spot near the bay shore boulevard and jerrold avenue police found him wounded in the passenger seat. uwakah was at home visiting family for the thanksgiving holiday. >>mark: new this morning, a federal judge has refused to reinstate the license of the pilot of the oil tanker that sideswipe the bay bridge six years ago. that spill caused a 50,000 gal. oil spill. the pilot, john cota, sued after the coast guard refused in 2010 to restore the licensee held for 27 years. but the judge upheld the coast
6:36 am
guard's decision. cota was piloting the costco busan ship in heavy fog on november 7th, 2007 when it struck the bridge. he pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor charges of illegally discharging oil and the bay after the coast guard concluded he was impaired by prescription drugs and failed to follow safety precautions before the crash. >>mark: the laptops, tablets and other mobile devices were working overtime for cyber monday considered to be the superbowl of online shopping analysts say overall sales were up 17.5 percent compared to last year. smart phones and tablets drove nearly one- third of traffic on a cyber monday making a shift in shopping preferences. some
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you can see the mir in lights are turned on. and nothing's really moving at this point westbound 80. san mateo bridge a different story. starting to thicken up a bit as a look at the golden gate bridge start to fill out a little bit on the stand. especially as people make their way out of iran toward san francisco. no. come off a little more quickly. a still some light delays approaching the tolls. there were reports of metal cabinets the size of cars on westbound. that's adding to about 30 minutes delays getting out of the optima past moving toward 680. >>erica: taken a live without live from our mount tam cam. camera shaken around so it is breezy out
6:46 am
there. we do have some fairly gusty winds along the delta of for those of you in oakland. several wind advisories issued through the bay area. that will affect those of you coming across the cortines bridge and the bay bridge span. 49 of the door and santa rosa so traffic to voters actually warmer than it yesterday pripet claude a. conditions and the wins will calm down. temperatures expected to be 10 to 15 degrees cooler than yesterday. so really struggling to even hit 60 today with mountain view a high of 54. 54 also for those of you in san jose and 53 expected in los gatos. mid-50s and walnut creek and
6:47 am
concord a degree cooler and then back. downtown san francisco hitting a high of 56. i want to take a moment to talk about the bigger weather story. satellite their radar shows the cold front pushes through the bay area but that colder weather behind us is taking a little longer to get there. right now, the biggest of fact are the ones. it is when the right now. the bigger story will be the cold temperatures by later on tonight. freeze warning goes into effect for most of the bay area with the exception of san francisco sunday surprised if he went up to temperatures in the '20s tomorrow especially in the east bay and north bay valley street pier 7 day around the bay forecast shows those really cold reading will continue through wednesday. we will talk on the slight chance for rain. it's 20 to 30 percent chance. not only
6:48 am
saturday and sunday but also as we start the next work week. >>mark: another down day for if the dow parade of down 70 + point yesterday. watching wall street with our financial expert black. people say if the economy is doing better the federal government will start tapering its bond buying. >>: housing numbers have been pretty good. we will take a look at those tomorrow. trucks and all those great. chrysler reported about 16 billion run away per year. that is a number we never thought we would get back to. so that's the story. the market is expanding. a little fear of the fence. we still know
6:49 am
this company like this company. i think the bull market has another year plus to go to get twice earnings. i think we have another year but i think we're going to see some consolidation between now and then. >>mark: are is it the thought that we will get a slow rise in interest rates rather than a big jump. >>: yes and no. it's fascinating to look at. for the average person they are probably bored out of their mind bridge the average person at home the federal reserve has lowered the overnight lending to zero. the treasury bonds has proved up to 25262728 but the overnight is still almost as 0%. until we get
6:50 am
unemployment about 6 1/2%. the cost of money is still pretty low. it's a little bit of a problem. it's telling us its growth in the future. you have to believe in the future. >>mark: people looking to refinance. what's going on with apple? of >>: screen shot taken off of china mobile shins to 3 a wealthy city in china screen shot grabs looking like some apple iphones have been ordered. obviously china mobile is the biggest mobile carrier in the world so once phones are delivered to china mobile the stock has some room to run on the upside. everyone is talking good stuff for apple. no one is talking about samsung right now. >>mark: thanks rob riddick we will check back with you for our winners and losers
6:51 am
on wall street. >>james: after oxford university press is word of the year "selfie" was announced last week,mer riam-webster has revealed there is and its " science ". there was a 176 per cent increase in a look up on the dictionaries website when compared with last year. merriam-webster says its works behind lots of big issues we're dealing with from a global warming to what's in the textbooks of our kids. >>darya: and a reminder, john kron4 for the seventh annual tree lighting hosted by vornado realty trust.
6:52 am
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a quick bay area sports updates. the oakland a's have acquired jim johnson. major league baseball's saves leader for the late- for the last two seasons from the baltimore orioles for infielder jemile weeks and a player to be named later. johnson will be the day's close to replacing all-star grant balfour. became a free agent after this season. the 30 year-old johnson converted 50 of 59 save opportunities and last season with a 2.94 era. he
6:56 am
tied for the major-league lead in saves. he led the majors with 51 saves in 2012. and free agent left-hander scott kazmir is closing in on a $22,000,000.20 year contract with the athletics, pending a physical. the 29 year-old kazmir went 10-9 with a 4.04 era in 29 starts and 158 innings for the cleveland indians last season. >>darya: several 49ers players swapped their football helmets for santa hats monday in san jose. he began with a huddle as players were paired with low income children before fanning out across a target store, armed with a long list of a gift ideas for their families. joe looney,
6:57 am
anquan boldnin, colt mccoy and a half-dozen other showing lots of patience and the toy aisles getting some ideas of their own no doubt giving back and giving something back and return. >>: i'm very blessed so it feels good to give back to my community. >>mark: each child was given a gift card worth $300, courtesy of the 49ers and visa. the of people receiving tickets are members of st. justin's church community. >>mark: and you won't want to miss sports night live hosted by gary radnich and featuring carries real partner larry--gary's radio partner larry krueger. a
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brand new show here on kron4. we will have lively debates in big-time interviews. the show premieres this thursday december 5th at 9:00 p.m. grid check us out on the facebook page at sports night live and " like us " for a chance to win a $2,000 home theater system.
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